Hijaber Wrong?

The number of Islamic hijab fashion or hijaber phenomenon known today is a matter of controversy among Muslims.

Within Islam itself, mode law is permissible or allowed which does not exclude things like Sharia law is the veil that must close the genitals, especially the chest.

I myself think that this phenomenon may hijaber current in some circles it is considered bad because it does not conform with the intention hijab at first, but on the other hand it can be used as a medium of propaganda with a more subtle approach is through mode so people will be more interested and minimal has closed genitalia.

When one of my friends asked about it at my sister that ya Cithra mentor. Ma’am Cithra themselves whether they actually believe that he did not belong hijaber (adherent jilbaber: p) but he said that the creators hijaber itself may have struggled to figure out how the hell do I want to give da’wah so veiled and in the end the idea to modify hijaber and veil.

Hijaber itself has a community and I do not accidentally get into hijaber blog, which also contains exhortations Islami. So, do not judge that they are bad and only want hijaber style, because they also need touches and wanted to study Islam.

So, should the non hijaber do not say that the hijaber is veiled but naked, because it will be painful. Moreover, they have just begun to touch Islam and there is definitely a change process. Probably originally a short veil and then have just been informed that slowly the truth is closing the chest, not transparent, not tabarruj, and not humped camel, and ultimately toward perfection in a veil.

Sorry for my bad grammar, I use google translate šŸ˜€
It’s from my old blog Indonesian versionĀ http://www.auliarahmawati90.blogspot.com/



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